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Henan Fitaky Food Co., Ltd


Sufficient Product Supply, Meet Needs of Different Customers Standardized production with guaranteed quality Fitaky has two fully automatic hot air drying line, standardized selection room, color selection workshop, packing room, sterilization room. It mainly deals dehydrated ginger slices, onions, garlic slices, dehydrated garlic powder, ginger powder and other dehydrated vegetables, and incoming materials processing.

Fresh Ingredients Processing, Health Guarantee Welcome you to come to our company to visit, inspect and negotiate business Fitaky has good products and professional sales and technical teams to provide customers with quality products, good technical support, and sound after-sales service. If you are interested in our products and services, please consult online or call us.


Top 10 Advantage Of The Fitaky Cinnamon Powder

Fitaky cinnamon powder is made of the fresh cinnamon,have a good quality.As we all know,Cinnamomum cassia,called cassia or Chinese cinnamon,it is used primarily for its aromatic bark,which is used as a...

Application Of The Bulk Ground Cumin Wholesale

Cumin Powder is come from the cumin seeds. Before packaging, the product will be inspected and passed through a magnet and metal detector to remove ferrous metal contamination. The product will be proc...

Commercial Use Garlic Chips Factory Price

Commercail use garlic chips is made from fresh garlic , Have the widely use in our life,Here we will share some advantage of the commercial use garlic chips ...