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147 Options Help Customers Find Business Direction

Fitaky: 147 Options Help Burkina Faso Customers Find Business Direction
If you been in the food industry for several years and want to expand the sales categories. Which products should you choose to add? Not only market demand, but also sales channels must be considered.This is a common question that makes many food sales operators hesitate.
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This happened to a client of Fitaky food company., and this client from Burkina Faso, in bobo Dioulasso operates a food production company, a packaging plant, and has its own brand. It mainly produces and sells various powder products, including seasoning powder, vegetable powder,Additives, etc., and divide powder products into 5-gram or 10-gram quantitative packs. Depend on since such products and sales models are prevalent in Africa, customers who have been in business for many years are in their own countries and even africa is very famous, and the business scale is getting bigger and bigger.The customer thought of expanding the product sales category, but in addition to the garlic powder,other specific products are not sure. Every time I am asked by the manufacturer what needs to be added when choosing a new product, the uncertainty of customers always leads to a deadlock in mutual communication. 
but,Fortunately, the customer found the aroma set. The sales manager in charge of docking understands the customer's difficulties and confusion, combined with the local situation, carefully provided customers with 147 kinds of agricultural products involving 55 kinds selection of various food products, including 84 kinds of air-dried fruit and vegetable products, 48 ​​kinds of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable products and 15 kinds of seeds and grain flour.
From open-ended questions to multiple-choice questions, customers quickly choose from 147 products.More than 20 species were selected. Considering that some products are new locally,Fitaky takes the initiative to provide the products selected by customers and send them out in a timely manner. 
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While receiving the samples, the cloth Kina Faso customers couldn't help but express their admiration to Fitaky, and immediately indicates to order these previously identified products.
In January 2022, a batch of products determined by the customer has been inspected, packaged, and loaded into the vehicle.Dispatched from Fitaky's R&D and production plant to Burkina Faso.
Many times, companies always think that customer service needs to be added, so that customer satisfaction is greater than expected. But sometimes, doing subtraction for customers can be regarded as a kind of quality service.

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