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How To Buy Dehydrated Vegetables In The Supermarket

Dehydrated vegetables are a type of dehydrated vegetables that are now very common in supermarkets. After drying, dehydrated vegetables not only do not lose nutrients, but also become fresher than before. But when purchasing, we tend to pay more attention to appearance. In fact, this is wrong.
dehydrated vegetable
When purchasing dehydrated vegetables, you should not just look at the appearance. When purchasing any food, you should follow common sense and touch, look, and taste the food you purchase before purchasing. Do not be misled by the bright appearance of these foods. Take dehydrated asparagus as an example:
1. After normal lettuce is peeled, the edges will definitely be darker and lighter in the middle. The same is true for dehydrated lettuce. Once other conditions occur, you need to carefully identify it further.
2. When normal vegetable slices are washed, some pigments will dissolve in the water. The problem is that only a few slices of dehydrated dried lettuce can be soaked in water to dye a large cup of warm water green. It is obvious that dyes have been added. When purchasing, you may wish to ask the store to provide you with a cup of water to soak a few slices on the spot.

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