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How To Make The Freeze Dried Carrots Slices

Dried fruits and vegetables are used by many people to replace the vitamin intake of fruits and vegetables. Because of their high value, good taste, and low fat, they have become the new favorite of the snack industry.
Carrot freeze-dried is a kind of fruit and vegetable slices, which contains dried carrots, which are strictly selected, and the non-fried freeze-drying technology is adopted-that is, fresh vegetables, fruits and vegetables are dehydrated in a frozen state, and dried naturally. Compared with fried dried fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables can retain the original nutrition of food
freeze dried carrots slices
How to produce freeze-dried carrot slices
1.Process flow. Raw material → sorting → washing → slicing → blanching → loading → pre-freezing → sublimation drying → packaging → finished product.
2.Sorting of raw materials: Choose orange-red carrots with smooth and thick surface, uniform texture and size.
3. Slice: Cut the peeled carrot into 3mm thick slices.
4 .Blanching: Soak the sliced ​​carrots in water at 90℃ for 1 minute, and immediately put them in cold water to cool down.
5.Pre-freezing: Keep the pre-freezing temperature at -40°C, and freeze for 5 hours when the sample temperature reaches -40°C.
6.Sublimation drying: the frozen items must be dried quickly by vacuum sublimation, so that the frozen moisture can be directly sublimated. Keep the sublimation pressure around 5Pa.

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