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How to Make Ground Cumin?|Fitaky Cumin Powder

Cumin powder is a seasoning that is often eaten in life, and it has the effect of removing mutton and increasing aroma. Many people like it. Do you know how cumin powder is made? What are the functions and functions of cumin powder? What is cumin powder used for?
cumin powder
How to make cumin powder: cumin powder is made by grinding benzoin into powder, adding spices such as star anise and cinnamon, and it is a condiment with a typical Northwest flavor.
Efficacy and function of cumin: cumin is pungent and warm in nature. Dispelling cold and relieving pain; regulating qi and regulating the middle.
Processing beef and mutton with cumin can remove fishy smell and relieve greasy, make the meat more delicious and fragrant, and increase appetite.
Cumin has the functions of refreshing the brain, reducing fire and calming the liver. It can dispel cold and dampness, regulate qi and appetizer, dispel wind and relieve pain.
Seasoning dishes with cumin can also preserve and sterilize.

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