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Dehydrated Vegetable Customer From Malaysia

The main demand of customers from Malaysia is dehydrated vegetables. The products that customers are interested in are dehydrated leeks, dehydrated mixed vegetables, and dehydrated corn kernels. Chopped peanuts, dehydrated lotus root slices, dehydrated shiitake mushrooms and dehydrated carrot granules. These products can be used for the reproduction and processing of food and can also be directly used for retail sales
dehydrated vegetables
As a professional food supplier, fitaky can not only provide you with dehydrated vegetables but also provide you with various seasoning products, including various dry products such as: garlic products, ginger products, onion products, vegetable powder and fruit juice powder
In addition, fitaky also has vacuum fried fruits and vegetables and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables.If you need.please leave your email and whatsapp number,we contact you as soon as possible, or contact us by email :[email protected]

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