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How To Judge Whether Dehydrated Vegetables Are Dyed

Dehydrated vegetables have greatly facilitated our lives, but in order to make the appearance of dehydrated vegetables brighter and attractive, some businesses that are not bright will add some coloring agents, which seriously affects food safety. The following dehydrated onion shreds manufacturers will teach you to determine whether dehydrated vegetables are dyed, and look forward to your attention.
dehydrated vegetables
      Under normal circumstances, the vegetables after dehydration and drying will have a certain color difference, the edges of the vegetables will be darker, and the middle will be lighter. Manufacturers of dehydrated onion shreds tell everyone that although dehydrated vegetables will have some pigments dissolved in water when they are soaked, the dyeing will be lighter, and dyed dehydrated vegetables will easily turn dark green when they are placed in water.
      Manufacturers of dehydrated vegetables  suggest that when buying dehydrated food, you must not be attracted by the beautiful appearance of the food, but choose safe and healthy food.

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