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How To Eat Dehydrated Garlic Slices

Dehydrated garlic slices are neat in appearance, slightly yellow in color, and pure in taste. They can be eaten or used as food raw and auxiliary materials. It can be restored by soaking in warm water. It is fresh in all seasons and is very popular in the market. But there are many friends who are more confused about the way to eat it. Let’s take a look at the way to eat dehydrated garlic slices.
Dehydrated garlic slices can be eaten raw. After heating, the garlic slices will lose a lot of nutrients. Also, cut the raw garlic into thin slices and let it stand for fifteen minutes before eating. At this time, the garlic fully combines with the oxygen in the air to form allicin. Has very good anti-cancer and anti-oxidant effects;
dehydrated garlic slices
Dehydrated garlic slices make sugared garlic. Dehydrated garlic slices can also be fried into sugared garlic for people to use. This will make the spicy taste of the garlic a lot lighter. When making it, you need to soak the dehydrated garlic slices in water for 2 to 3 days and put them clean. In the container, add the adjusted sweet and sour vinegar for marinating. After marinating, the sugar garlic will taste crispy and tender, and taste slightly sweet.

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