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Dehydrated Onion Flakes Wholesale

Dehydrated onion flakes is to choose vegetable varieties with rich meat quality. Before dehydration, you should strictly select the best and remove the inferior, and remove the pests, rot, and shriveled parts. 80% maturity is appropriate, and overripe or underripe should also be selected. Except for melons, other types of vegetables can be rinsed with clean water, and then dried in a cool place.
dehydrated onion flakes
Dehydrated onion shreds, using onions produced in green onion planting bases as raw materials, processed by international technology, are pure natural products, this product is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc., has resistance to wind and cold, promotes appetite, It has the effects of lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, and anti-cancer. It is a multifunctional health food.

After reading the above, do you have a deeper understanding of dehydrated onion shreds? It can also be dehydrated to make dehydrated vegetables. It is undoubtedly a processing method with developmental value, which not only retains the nutrients, but also has light weight, is convenient to eat, and prolongs the storage time.

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