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What Is The Dehydrated Vegetables ?

Whats is dehydrated vegetables?
Dehydrated vegetables, also known as rehydrated vegetables, are dried vegetables made by washing and drying fresh vegetables to remove most of the moisture in the vegetables. The original color and nutrient composition of the vegetables remained basically unchanged. It is easy to store and transport, and can effectively regulate the low and peak seasons of vegetable production. When eating, it can be restored by immersing it in clean water, and retain the original color, nutrition and flavor of the vegetables.
dehydrated vegetable
Compared with other fresh vegetables, dehydrated vegetables have the characteristics of small size, light weight, recovery in water, and convenient transportation and consumption. It is not only delicious and fresh in color when eaten, but also can maintain the original nutritional value.
There are two types of dehydration drying methods: natural drying and artificial dehydration. Artificial dehydration includes hot air drying, microwave drying, puffing drying, infrared and far infrared drying, vacuum drying, etc. At present, the most common applications of vegetable dehydration and drying are hot-air drying dehydration and freeze-vacuum drying dehydration. Freeze-vacuum dehydration is an advanced method of vegetable dehydration and drying. The product can retain the original color, aroma, taste, and taste of fresh vegetables. Shape, and has ideal rapid rehydration.

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