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Dehydrated Vegetables Market Quotes

Dehydrated vegetables are fresh vegetables that have been washed, sliced, cooked, dehydrated, etc.It retains the original color and nutrition of vegetables, maintains the original taste, can be used for cooks noodles, boils soup,and porridge.
dehydrated vegetables
Three major markets
In the past ten years, dehydrated vegetables have risen rapidly in my country and formed three major markets:
1. Food industry raw materials or ingredients market, such as vegetable seasoning packets in instant noodles;
2. Condiment market, such as chili powder, onion powder, etc.;
3. Special market as a vegetable substitute.
2. Common dehydrated vegetable varieties
The dehydrated vegetables that you usually see are mainly onions (red onions, yellow onions, white onions,onion), garlic, lettuce, radish (carrot, daikon), pepper (green pepper,Red peppers, etc.), leeks, green onions, eggplant, cabbage and cabbage, beans (green beans, lentils,Cowpea), potatoes, bracken, tribute vegetables, plum vegetables, day lily, etc.Of course, not every vegetable can be made into dehydrated vegetables, and some vegetables themselves are a plant colloidal or hydrotrophic vegetables, and once dehydrated, there is nothing left, such as cucumber,tomatoes etc.
Dehydrated vegetables are widely used in almost all fields of food processing.It can only be used to improve the nutritional content of the product, increase the color and flavor of the product, and also allow the production of the variety of products is more abundant, which improves the food structure of consumers.

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