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How The Dehydration Process Locks In The Freshness And Nutrition Of Dehydrated Vegetables

The processing of dehydrated vegetables is carefully designed to preserve the freshness and nutrients of the vegetables to the greatest extent possible.
dehydrated vegetables
  • Rapid dehydration: By using technologies such as hot air drying, freeze drying or vacuum drying, the moisture in vegetables can be quickly removed, reducing damage to cell structures, thereby maintaining the freshness of vegetables.
  • Killing process: Before dehydration, vegetables will undergo a killing process. This step helps to passivate the enzyme activity in the vegetables and prevent deterioration of color and flavor during processing.
  • Retaining nutrients: During the processing of dehydrated vegetables, especially freeze-vacuum drying technology, the nutrients in vegetables, such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, can be better retained.
  • Application of physical technology: Modern physical technologies, such as ultrasonic, infrared and electric dry steam, are used in the processing of dehydrated vegetables. These technologies can improve energy efficiency, reduce water consumption, and ensure food safety.
  • Mild drying conditions: Proper drying temperature and time control can reduce the damage to heat-sensitive nutrients in vegetables, such as vitamin C and other water-soluble nutrients.
  • Post-processing techniques: After dehydration, vegetables may undergo some post-processing, such as rapid cooling, to further lock in nutrients and flavor.
  • Packaging and storage: Dehydrated vegetables are usually packaged with oxygen-insulating and waterproof materials to reduce the impact of light and oxygen on the product and extend the shelf life.
  • Rehydration ability: Dehydrated vegetables can often be restored to their original state by rehydration before consumption. This step helps the vegetables regain their fresh taste and nutrients by adding moisture.
Through these advanced dehydration processes, dehydrated vegetables can be widely used in various food processing fields as a convenient, nutritious and easy-to-store food option.

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