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Details About The Fried Garlic Chips

       Fried garlic slices are made of fresh garlic.Fistly,cut into garlic slices and dried, and then fried with plants. The fried garlic slices are golden yellow, have no spicy taste, and have the unique fragrance of garlic. They can be used as condiments or directly made. Various flavors, use directly.
       Fried garlic chips are not only rich in nutrients, but also retain a variety of proteins, amino acids and allicin in garlic that are beneficial to the human body, but also remove the spicy taste of garlic, have a fragrant appetite, eliminate greasy and clear mouth, and have some effects of seasoning.
       The fried garlic chips have no spicy taste and strong garlic flavor, but have the unique garlic flavor of garlic, and the color is golden yellow, which makes people have a strong appetite.
fried garlic

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