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How To Quickly Detect Moisture Content Of dehydrated Veges

The moisture content of dehydrated vegetables ranges from 4% to 13%. The moisture content of dehydrated fruits and vegetables is one of the main indicators to evaluate their quality. The moisture content directly affects the shelf life and taste of dehydrated vegetables. Whether the moisture content is too high or too low, it will directly affect the quality of dehydrated vegetables. The moisture test of the finished product is an indispensable step. If the moisture content does not meet the required standards, it may cause a large number of microorganisms to multiply, mold, and reduce quality during storage and transportation of dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Test standard for moisture content of dehydrated vegetables: GB/T 5009.3 Method for determination of moisture in food
dehydrated vegetables
     A. Working principle
     Using the principle of loss-on-drying method, the sample is quickly heated by the heating system, so that the moisture of the sample can be completely evaporated in a short time, so that the moisture content of the sample can be detected in a short time. If the detection operation is correct and standard, accurate data can usually be obtained quickly.
     B. Precautions for use
     1. In the process of measuring moisture, it is necessary to avoid shaking the notch at the lower end of the heating cylinder and place it against the wind.
     2. The accumulation of the measuring sample in the weighing pan must be as flat as possible, and the accumulation area should be as full as possible. In the process of measuring moisture, it is strictly prohibited to knock or directly vibrate the work surface.
     4. Since the weighing system of this instrument is a precision equipment, especially the force transmission part is particularly afraid of heavy pressure and impact, so try to use the bracket when taking and placing the weighing pan every time. If you take it by hand, the weighing pan should be taken lightly. , Handle with care.
     5. After the measurement is completed, immediately remove the weighing pan. A bracket must be used to prevent hot hands. The bracket should not touch the weighing support and the weighing pan when placed in the instrument.
     6. After the measurement, wait until the weighing pan is completely cooled before placing the next sample.

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