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What Standards Should Qualified Dehydrated Vegetables Meet?

Dehydrated vegetables, as a healthy and delicious food, naturally many people are concerned about its safety. In fact, since the development of the dehydrated vegetable industry, the qualification standards have been very perfect. Today, China Dehydrated Vegetable Trading Network will share the qualification standards of dehydrated vegetables with you, so that you can have a reference when purchasing.
dried vegetables
      1. Appearance requires neat, uniform, no debris, no mildew, no pests, and no impurities. For the dry products in shape, the sheet shape is required to be complete, the thickness of the sheet is basically uniform, the dry sheet is slightly curved or shrunken, but not severely bent, and there is no fragmentation; for block dry products, it is required to be uniform in size and regular in shape; The body is fine, the particle size is uniform, and it is not sticky.
      2. Color. It should be similar to the original vegetable color, and the color should be consistent.
      3. Smell. Has the original vegetable smell, no peculiar smell.
      4. Limits. The percentage of total non-conforming products for sensory requirements in each batch of samples should not exceed 5%.
      5. Water content. The moisture content of powdered dehydrated vegetables is ≤6% (mass fraction), and the moisture content of other dehydrated vegetables is ≤8% (mass fraction).
      Generally, when you buy dehydrated vegetables, you can judge whether it is qualified by observing its appearance, color and smell. And in fact, as long as you look for regular manufacturers, generally you will not buy unqualified dehydrated vegetable products.

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