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Nutrition Of Dehydrated Vegetables Is Equal To Vegetables

Dried vegetables are storage-stable and light in quality. They are now more and more popular. However, the more and more problems are coming, many people want to know how much nutritional value can be left after dried vegetables are dehydrated?
dehydrated vegetables
Let's first understand the production process of dried vegetables. There are currently two main types on the market. One is AD dehydration, which uses artificial natural air drying and artificial heating for dehydration. The same is true for the seaweed and dried bamboo shoots we usually see. The advantage of this method is that it can improve the umami taste of vegetables, but it destroys its internal vitamin and protein structure. There is also a more advanced technology, the FD dehydration method, which uses freezing technology to perform dehydration treatment to ensure the taste while ensuring the taste. In fact, in life, there are many dehydrated vegetables, like shiitake mushrooms and dried bamboo shoots. Laver is our common dehydrated vegetable.

Dried vegetables because of the manufacturing process, although most of the nutrients of vegetables are retained, edible oil or vegetable oil is added during the manufacturing process, resulting in high calories, which are higher than vegetables, and are not suitable for long-term consumption, especially The kind of people who lose weight.
When selecting dried vegetables, we should pay attention to the dehydration method indicated above. If it is drying, nutrition and water will be lost. We must choose vacuum dehydration technology to retain the original nutrition. If there are additives indicated above, we try not to choose them. Don't eat too much dehydrated vegetables, because they have high calories and are easy to gain weight. In general, dried fruits and vegetables are not healthy foods and cannot replace vegetables and fruits. Only fresh fruits and vegetables can be healthy.

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