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Dehydrated Vegetable Industry Prospect

Dehydrated vegetables are widely used and almost involve in all fields of food processing. It can not only improve the nutritional content of products, increase the color and flavor of products, but also enrich the variety of products, which greatly improves the food structure of consumers. . However, in order to develop the dehydrated vegetable industry, it is necessary to further accelerate the adjustment of the agricultural industry structure and make the industry bigger and stronger.
dehydrated vegetables
1. To prevent slow sales, process and preserve fresh goods.After the harvest, some fruits and vegetables cannot be sold in time. In order to avoid rotting, some farmers choose to dehydrate them to increase the storage time.
In recent years, snacks made of dehydrated fruits and vegetables have often appeared in supermarkets. This kind of snack is not only crunchy and easy to eat, but also meets the needs of the busy population for vegetables and fruits. Such a new way of deep processing of agricultural and sideline products can very effectively prevent the market problems that may arise due to excessive output of vegetables and fruits, and more importantly, it can create more added value for farmers.
3. Convenience food side dishes.
At present, the largest purchasers of dehydrated vegetables are those instant noodle manufacturers, and vegetables are essential ingredients. Even excluding products exported to Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, their annual purchase volume is no less than 10,000 tons.

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