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Fitaky Ginger Powder With Food Certification

Fitaky is a professional supplier of the spices and dehydrated fruits and vegetables, and has a complete qualification certificate, if you have some other requirements or other certification needs, we can also provide.Here, we mainly introduce our ginger powder products to you, but in fact, in addition to ginger powder, we can also provide fresh ginger, dehydrated ginger slices, ginger granules and some other ginger products
dehydrated ginger powder
The ginger powder production method includes the steps of selection of raw materials, slicing, drying, coarse crushing and superfine crushing, sterilization, packaging, etc.Ginger is superfinely pulverized and has the advantages of fast release of effective ingredients, large release, simple and fast usage, and uniform dispersion. It is suitable for promotion and application in food, feed, cosmetics, health care and other industries.
Fitaky Ginger Powder Advantage :

1.Selected raw materials: Our raw materials are all sourced from the highest quality ginger farm
2.High-quality processing technology: Our current processing technology is the most advanced, and the environmental conditions of the factory are relatively clean and high-quality to ensure that the production workshop is clean and pollution-free.
3.Finished product packaging is optional: we have different packaging styles for you to choose, and the packaging weight of different packaging styles is also different
4.Complete certificates: the certificates shown above are only part of our certification, our more complete qualification certification
5.Quality control: Our finished products have strict quality control to ensure that our ginger powder meets the requirements of production and life.

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