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Benefits Of Freeze-Dried Fruits And Vegetables

Freeze-drying is equal to preservation, which is more fresh than conventional preservation, and the nutrition is unchanged. In addition to cold chain preservation, conventional preservation requires spraying and waxing. The internal food of the fruit is generally about 20g, which is 300g of fresh fruit nutrition. Then a small bag is like a big apple!
freeze-dried fruit vegetables
For example: the mangoes in the current season are very popular with everyone, but the mangoes are hot and humid, it is not good to eat too much, and they are easy to get angry. And we are now freeze-dried mangoes that are crispy, although they are not as juicy as fresh mangoes. , But it melts in the mouth. It is especially suitable for people who eat mangoes and get angry, or the elderly with bad teeth and children who don't like fruits.
There are many benefits of freeze-dried fruit. I recommend the freeze-dried fruit series of three squirrels. One pack per day to protect your health.
The current process can lock 95% of the nutrients, and the water content is very good. Generally, 1g of freeze-dried fruits is equivalent to 15g of fresh fruits. Of course, it is better to have fresh fruits.

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