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Precautions Of The Making Fried Garlic Crisps

What are the precautions when making fried garlic crisps
1.When making fried garlic crisps, the oil temperature must be controlled at 140-150 degrees Celsius. Too high oil temperature can easily cause the garlic crisps to become black and bitter.
2.Because the raw material of fried garlic crisp is dehydrated garlic slices, the frying time does not need to be very long, it usually takes 10-12 minutes, and it can be fried until golden brown.
3.During the production process, the garlic cake absorbs a lot of oil, so you must shake the oil for 3-4 minutes after frying, so that it will be more healthy to eat.
4.The prepared fried garlic crisps need to be separated with stainless steel tools in time, spread out on a stainless steel case for cooling, to prevent agglomeration.
The precautions for making fried garlic crisps are introduced here today. As a side dish on the dinner table, fried garlic crisps are deeply loved by everyone. Pay attention to the above matters when making fried garlic crisps, and believe that you can also make crispy crisps. Mouth of deep-fried garlic crisps.

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