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Feature About The Fried Garlic Flakes

1. Product Name: Fried Garlic
2. Product raw material: garlic
3. product oil: palm oil
4. product characteristics: color yellow or reddish, uniform particle size;
5. Product shape: granular;
6. Sensory characteristics: yellow or reddish, consistent particle size;
7. Color and flavor: Fried garlic granules have a light garlic spicy flavor and aroma
fried garlic flakes
8. product specifications: 5-8 mesh, 8-16 mesh, 5-10 mesh
9. The inner package is: plastic bag plus aluminum foil bag or aluminum foil bag; the outer package is double corrugated carton.
10.Packaging form: product weight and packaging can be customized according to customer requirements 16x1KG, 2x5KG, 4x5KG, 2x8KG,
11.Preservation method of fried garlic granules: normal temperature, air humidity ≤ 50%
12.Shelf life: 12 months.
13.Intended use of fried garlic granules: edible or used as raw and auxiliary materials for other foods and health products.

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