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The Fried Onion Flakes Display

Fitaky fried onion flakes 
The aroma of onion is very strong, and it is a good at removing fishy and greasy, which makes it better at appearing as a supporting role. The most common ones are like onions in hamburgers, or onions in steak, pasta, and pizza, and still can't escape being a supporting role.
Fried chopped onions, also known as fried shallots. It was originally used as a side dish, but I prefer to eat it as a snack... Except that it is easy to eat and the calories are not low, there are no major disadvantages.
Fitaky food company is a professional food production supplier. We can provide you products according to your needs, our fried onion products from fresh onion products, the most advanced onion production equipment and onion processing technology.
Fitaky onion products can be sold in bulk or in a container. If you have any needs, you can contact us via email [email protected] or call 8618537181327 to order

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