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Tips For Fried Scallion Crisps

Deep-fried onion crisp is not a separate dish, but an important seasoning in many cuisines. It is simple to make, crispy and delicious, and is an important component of kitchen cuisine. Here are some food tips about deep-fried onion crisps. Welcome everyone's attention.
      1. Braised pork rice: All kinds of braised pork rice can be paired with deep-fried green onion crisps, but it should be noted that some green onion crisps must be sprinkled on the rice before pouring the stewed gravy to make it fragrant.
      2. Noodle soup: Whether it is noodle soup such as vegetarian noodle soup, ribs noodle soup or wonton, you can put an appropriate amount of fried onion crisp before adding the soup, which can not only enhance the fragrance, but also add color to the noodle soup.
fried scallion crisp

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