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Will It Cause Nutrient Loss In Fruits After Freezing?

Will it cause nutrient loss in fruits after freezing?
The University of Chester in the United Kingdom conducted a study comparing the nutritional value of frozen fruits and fresh fruits and found that nearly two-thirds of vegetables and fruits have higher levels of vitamin C and anti-aging substances after freezing.
The US Food and Drug Administration reported that fresh foods and frozen foods have the same nutritional value and can preserve nutrients for a longer period of time after being frozen. Therefore, there is no need to worry that freezing will destroy the nutrients.
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Frozen fruit helps to lose weight and has a higher absorption rate than fresh fruit
When the weather is hot, being exposed to the sun for too long or coming out of a shower, people want to drink cold drinks or eat ice to relieve the heat. However, the raw materials of ice products contain a lot of sugar, milk fat and additives, which are very high in calories. Eating is harmful to health. At this time, you can use frozen fruit instead, which has a natural sweetness, does not eat sugar and fat, and can also supplement the vitamins and minerals needed by the body. The calories are only one-third of the ice product. , Instead of desserts and ice cream, you can also expect weight loss.
The vitamin nutrients of fruits are all stored in the cells and are covered by the membrane of the cell wall, which affects the absorption.Harvest, and freezing will destroy the cell wall of the fruit and increase the absorption rate of vitamins.

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