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What Is The Quick-Frozen Fruit And Vegetables?

Quick-frozen fruit and vegetables can basically maintain the original natural shape and flavor of the fruit; its color, aroma, taste and vitamins do not change significantly during storage. The vast majority of frozen fruits are used to make other foods, such as sauces, jellies, preserves, desserts, juice sodas and ice creams. Fruit quick-frozen has a refrigeration device (cold chain) from processing, preservation, transportation, and sales. The total energy consumption is more than other processing methods, so the product cost is high.
quick frozen fruit vegetables
The process of freezing fruits can be divided into 3 stages:
The first stage is to reduce the original temperature of the fruit to the temperature at which it starts to freeze;
The second stage is to freeze the fruit juice;
The third stage is to lower the fruit from the freezing temperature to the required storage temperature. Freezing is gradually carried out from the surface to the inner layer. When the thermal center temperature of the product (in a homogenized and isotropic substance, the thermal center falls on the geometric center of the product) is equal to or not higher than the storage temperature 3~5 At ℃, it can be considered that the freezing has been completed.
The general processing process of quick-frozen fruit is: raw material selection, cleaning, grading, shaping treatment (such as peeling, core, cutting, etc.), adding sugar, adding vitamin C and other protective agents, packaging (or bulk), quick freezing , Frozen storage.
The characteristics of fruit raw materials play a decisive role in the quality of the finished product. Fruits used for freezing should be suitable for freezing preservation. After thawing, the original tissue state and brittleness can be basically maintained, and the ripeness should be moderate, the appearance is neat, and it is not easy to oxidize and change color.

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