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How To Make Frozen Mango Fruit ?

Iqf frozen diced mango is a healthy and nutritious quick-frozen fruit product. fitaky can provide quick-frozen mangoes, how do we make quick-frozen mangoes? Here, I will share our quick-frozen mango processing process
frozen mango
Operation points of the IQF frozen mango :
1. Select the fruit. Choose ripe, juicy, shiny fresh mangoes, and remove rotten fruits, worm eyes and other residual fruits.
2. Cleaning. Rinse with running water to wash away the dust, silt and microorganisms adhering to the surface of the peel. Or use a drum washing machine to clean, use the friction between the fruit and the drum wall to wipe off the surface of the sand and other impurities.
3. Peel, core and cut into pieces. The cleaned mango is immediately peeled, cored and diced. It can be peeled, cored and cut by hand (note that the mango pulp should not directly touch the metal surface, use a stainless steel knife to cut), and then the cut mango pieces are sent to the pre-cooking machine by the conveyor belt for pre-cooking.
4. Hot and cool. Use steam to directly blanch the fruit pieces continuously. The blanching temperature is controlled above 100°C and the time is 1 to 2 minutes. By blanching to protect the color of the fruit pieces, to reduce the loss of pulp juice. The blanched fruit pieces should be immediately cooled in the cooling tank to prevent the fruit pieces from becoming soft.
5. Soak in sugar at low temperature. The mango fruit pieces cooled by the cooling tank enter the low-temperature sugar solution for low-temperature sugar soaking treatment. The concentration of the sugar solution-generally between 25 and 35 Brix.
6. Bagging and sealing. The fruit pieces that have been soaked in sugar at low temperature are bagged according to the ratio of fruit pieces to sugar solution of 3:1, and heat-sealed with a vacuum sealer.
7. Quick freezing. The bagged and sealed mango fruit pieces are immediately subjected to quick-freezing treatment, and the freezing temperature is -35°C~40C, and strives to complete it in a short time to ensure that the pulp moisture is formed into small ice crystals at the original location without causing it. The destruction of tissues reduces the loss of nutrients after the product is thawed.
8. Inspection and packing. The quick-frozen fruit pieces are inspected, and they can be boxed after they are qualified.
9. Low temperature storage. After packing, it should be stored at a low temperature of -18C~20°C.

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