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Market Prospect And Application Of Fruit And Vegetables Powder

Fruit and vegetable powder is prepared by dehydrating the juice, pulp and fruit of fruits and vegetables into powder or shreds, all or part of the taste, fiber, color, nutrition and other components of fruits and vegetables are retained, and it becomes a healthy ingredient for the production of food taste and flavor. Fruit and vegetable powder can be divided into: solid beverage fruit and vegetable powder, raw fruit and vegetable powder, starch fruit and vegetable powder, ready-to-eat fruit and vegetable powder, seasoning fruit and vegetable powder.
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1. Good stability: The moisture content of fruit and vegetable powder is generally less than 7%, which can effectively inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms and reduce the activity of enzymes in the fruit and vegetables.
2. Low transportation cost: The volume and quality of fruits and vegetables are reduced after drying and pulverizing, which saves packaging materials and greatly reduces transportation costs.
3. Rich in nutrients: The processed fruit and vegetable powder basically maintains the nutrients and flavor of the original fruits and vegetables, and makes some nutrients and functional components more conducive to digestion and absorption.
4. Efficient and comprehensive utilization of resources: There are no requirements for the size and shape of raw materials, and even the skins and cores of some fruits and vegetables can be effectively used.
5. Rich variety of products: compounded into multi-functional nutritional powder, producing nutritional chewable tablets or adding it to other foods as an ingredient, it also improves the color, flavor and nutrition of the food.
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Application of fruit and vegetable powder in food: Fruit and vegetable powder can be applied to various fields of food processing, which helps to improve the nutritional content of products, improve the color and flavor of products, and enrich the variety of products.
Using fruit and vegetable powder to make beverages does not affect the flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables; fruit powder can be made into fruit wine and fruit vinegar through fermentation, blending and filtration processes. Candy, cakes, biscuits, bread and many other foods can be added with a certain proportion of fruit and vegetable powder in the production process, which can improve the nutritional structure of the products and make the products better in color, aroma and taste.

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