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How Is Fried Garlic Crisp Made?

Fried garlic crisp is a kind of granular snack food with spicy garlic flavor. Fried garlic crisp is loved by all ages. People in large parts like to eat fried garlic crisp, fried garlic crisp It tastes crispy, refreshing, delicious, and makes people's saliva linger. So how is the fried garlic crisp made? Interested friends come and learn about it together.
fried garlic crisp
Before making deep-fried garlic crisps, we first need to peel the prepared fresh garlic, and then cut it into even-sized particles as needed. The cut garlic can not be fried immediately, so it should be soaked in water to prevent the garlic from producing the smell of garlic. Remove the soaked garlic particles and control the moisture, then put them in a hot oil pan and fry for about six minutes. When the garlic particles are golden brown and have a light garlic aroma, remove them and deep-fry the garlic. The puff pastry needs to be kept cool and oil-absorbing, and then put in a glass bottle and other containers, sealed and sealed, so as to ensure a good taste.
Deep-fried garlic crisp can be used as a dish at the same time as a snack food. It is often used as a condiment in homes and restaurants. The above is the method of making deep-fried garlic crisp for everyone. Have you already understood it? ?

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