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Dehydrated Garlic Chips - A Great Way to Preserve and Use Garlic

Garlic is a favorite condiment for many, but its freshness and preservation can be an issue. Dehydrated garlic flakes are a popular method that allows you to preserve garlic for a long time and use it when needed.
dehydrated garlic chips
1. Extend the preservation period: Dehydrated garlic slices can greatly extend the preservation period of garlic, so that it can be stored for several months or even longer.
2. Easy to store: The dehydrated garlic flakes are compact and easy to store and organize.
3. Convenient to use: Dehydrated garlic slices are very convenient to use in cooking, and can be directly added to dishes.
Use in cooking: Dehydrated garlic flakes can be added directly to cooking such as stir-fries, roasts, soups and sauces, and have a similar taste to fresh garlic.
Condiment: Grind dehydrated garlic flakes into a powder that can be used as a condiment to add to homemade spice mixes.
Soaking in water: Soak dehydrated garlic slices in water to make garlic paste or garlic juice, which can be used to prepare sauces or marinate ingredients.

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