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Quality Standard Of Dehydrated Garlic Flakes

After the fresh garlic is dehydrated, not only the nutrients will be well preserved, but also crispy and delicious, which can be used as a healthy snack. An important step in the production of dehydrated garlic chips is to choose the white color, large and neat garlic cloves, and then go through various steps for production. The finished product needs to meet the following quality standards.
dehydrated garlic flakes
   1. Color: Dehydrated garlic slices are white or milky white.
   2. Body shape: The garlic slices are intact and uniform, with moderate thickness and no fragments.
  3. Moisture: When the dehydrated garlic slices are packaged, the moisture content is 4.5%-6%.
   Dehydrated garlic slices will become soft when wet and affect the taste, so special attention should be paid when packaging. Dehydrated garlic slices can be packaged after being allowed to cool at room temperature. It is usually packed in corrugated cartons, lined with moisture-proof aluminum foil bags and plastic bags, sealed and put into storage. The warehouse for storage should be dry, ventilated, free of odor and pests, and the temperature in the warehouse should be controlled at about 10°C.

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