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Harvest Time And Market Conditions Of Chinese Garlic

Harvest Time Of The Chinese Garlic 
At present, the new garlic has been harvested. Now is the harvest season of Chinese garlic, and the yield and quality are relatively ideal. Recently, fitaky food company conducted a one-week survey on the main garlic producing areas and summarized the harvesting situation of garlic in various regions.
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Manager Zhang, the company's sales director, first introduced the planting situation in the three main producing areas. "The garlic planting area in Jinxiang, Shandong, known as the'Hometown of Garlic in China', has decreased by about 9% compared with last year. The harvested area this season is about 1.9 million mu. The yield per mu is basically the same as last year. Qixian County and Zhongmu County, Henan Province are China The second largest area where garlic planting is concentrated. The area of ​​garlic planting in this area is more than 1.5 million mu. In the past two years, the overall planting area in Zhongmu has not changed much, and the yield per mu this season is basically the same as last year. Pizhou, Jiangsu is another major garlic producer. In the production area, the planting area in Pizhou last year was about 670,000 mu. This year, the area has increased by about 10% to 740,000 mu. The yield per mu has not changed much from last year."
Introduce Of The Fitaky Food Company 
In terms of quality, the overall size of garlic this year is larger and the quality is good. 20% of the garlic size is 4.5-5.0cm, the proportion of 5.5cm size is about 30%, and the proportion of 6.0cm size is about 50%. The farmers are currently drying them, and they are expected to be shipped normally in June.If you have the garlic needs, please contact us as soon as possible,so that we can ensure fast delivery.

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