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Sifting And Grading Steps Of Dehydrated Garlic Slices

Sifting and grading steps of dehydrated garlic slices
1. Sift the dried dehydrated garlic slices to remove the broken particles, fragments and residual garlic coat, and keep the dehydrated garlic slices neat in appearance.
2. Pour the selected dehydrated garlic slices on the sorting table for grading, and pick out impurities, yellow-brown slices, defective and stained dehydrated garlic slices.
3. After grading, the moisture content of dehydrated garlic slices should be tested. If the moisture content exceeds 6%, it needs to be dried again.
The dehydrated garlic slices that have been sieved and graded are all slightly yellow, large, complete, uniform in thickness, and odorless.
dehydrated garlic slices

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