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Production Process Of Dehydrated Green Vegetables

The production process of dehydrated green vegetables:
1. Fresh, non-polluting, insect-free raw materials of vegetables in the current season are used, and the roots and old leaves are initially removed manually.
2. After being flushed by the high-pressure water pump, it enters the pre-treatment console from the logistics channel.
3. After manual cleaning, manual destemming is performed on the pre-processing workbench.
4. After the processed semi-finished products pass the manual inspection, they enter the fully automatic vegetable cutting machine for slicing.
5. The chopped products are transported to the disinfection tank through the conveyor belt for disinfection and sterilization.
6. After passing through the blanching pool, undergoing high temperature discontinuation treatment, it enters the cooling pool for cooling.
7. After the centrifugal water spinner removes the water, it enters the oven for drying treatment.
8. The semi-finished products are dried in the oven. During the period, the temperature of the oven should be paid attention to as required, and there should be special personnel responsible for the stir-frying work to ensure the product color and moisture meet the requirements.
9. After the products are dried and cooled, they are packed in double-layer plastic bags in quantitative quantities, and the products are put into storage after being cooled again in the cooling room.
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