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How To Make Garlic Flakes?

Material selection-pretreatment-rinsing-slicing-re-rinsing-water throwing-drying-sieving and grading-packaging
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1.Material selection
Use white-skinned garlic varieties with clean white color and large and neat garlic cloves, and choose garlic heads that are plump and full, with intact cloves, free from insect damage and mildew.
Remove the silt and debris attached to the garlic head, remove the roots, break the garlic cloves, peel off the garlic skin, and remove the garlic cloves with diseased spots, worm eyes, and shriveled colors.
Pour the peeled garlic cloves into water to wash away impurities and rinse off the garlic film. The next step should be carried out as soon as possible, and should not be stacked for too long to prevent the garlic cloves from discoloring.
Use a slicing machine or a knife to cut the garlic cloves into slices of 1.5-2.0 mm. Rinse while slicing to remove the glue that flows out of the garlic cloves during slicing. The slicing should be even, otherwise the baking will be uneven during drying, which will affect the quality. 
5.Rinse again
Put the cut garlic slices into the bamboo basket immediately, rinse them thoroughly in running water, and remove the glue and fragments to facilitate baking. Insufficient rinsing and drying will cause yellowish brown.Then remove the rinsed garlic slices and spin dry. The water can also be drained to facilitate drying.
Put the dried garlic slices into a metal sieve or a stainless steel plate, and put them in a drying room or oven, and bake for 6-7 hours at a temperature of 60℃~80℃, so that the water content of the garlic slices is 5-6% about. 
7.Sieve classification
Sift the dried garlic slices, and sift out the broken particles, fragments and remaining garlic coat. Pour the selected garlic slices on the sorting table to remove impurities, yellow-brown slices and granules, and then classify them. Genuine garlic slices are slightly yellowish, large, complete, flat, uniform in thickness, without fragments, and no peculiar smell. The defective product is yellowish brown, small in size, incomplete, uneven, and uneven in thickness. This process requires rapid operation to prevent the garlic slices from absorbing moisture. The graded garlic slices must be tested for water content once, if the water content exceeds 6%, it needs to be baked again. 
The garlic slices can be packaged after being allowed to cool at room temperature. It is usually packed in a corrugated carton, lined with moisture-proof aluminum foil bags and plastic bags, sealed and stored. The warehouse should be dry, ventilated, odor-free, and pest-free, and the temperature in the warehouse should be around 10°C.

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