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How To Use Garlic Powder?

Garlic powder is the new darling in the condiment market in recent years. It can enhance flavor and freshen and also preserve and sterilize. So how to use garlic powder? How is it made? If you want to understand this knowledge, go check it out with fitaky.
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1. Roasted chicken wings
Garlic powder can usually be used to roast garlic chicken wings. Before roasting chicken wings, you need to prepare fresh chicken wings, wash it with water, and then control the surface moisture, add sugar and soy sauce, garlic powder and a small amount of edible salt Marinate them with seasonings such as cumin, and marinate them in the oven.
2. Marinated lamb
Every summer is a good time for people to eat lamb skewers. At this time, many people like to roast mutton skewers at home, so the marinating of mutton becomes a big problem. When the fresh mutton is cut and marinated, garlic powder is a must. Indispensable ingredients, in addition, prepare appropriate amounts of onions and soy sauce, sugar, fennel seeds and aroma and other seasonings, mix and marinate together, and they can be taken out and baked at any time after two hours.
3. Garlic eggplant
It is also delicious to make garlic eggplant with garlic powder. Usually, you need to wash the eggplant after washing and cut it into thick pieces. Put the garlic powder and edible salt together and mix well. Spread it on the surface of the eggplant and then apply some cooking oil. Bake in the oven, turn it over ten minutes later, bake until the surface turns yellow, and the eggplant will be ready to eat after it is cooked.
how to use garlic powder
Production Process for Garlic Powder
Garlic powder is a condiment obtained by dehydrating, drying, and crushing fresh garlic. It is usually more troublesome when people make it at home, and the hygienic conditions cannot be guaranteed. It is good to buy high-quality garlic powder produced by regular manufacturers. After purchasing, you should also pay attention to the appropriate amount.

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