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Nutritional Value Of The Nutmeg Product

Nutmeg is a dual-purpose food for medicine and food. It is mainly used as medicine and used as a seasoning in cooking.
The nutritional value of nutmeg
 Nutmeg is the mature kernel of Myristica fragrans. It contains a variety of volatile oils, the main component of the oil is terpenes, and also contains fatty oils. There are a lot of myristic acid in the oil. Nutmeg seeds are oval or oval, 2 to 3.5 cm long and 1.5 to 2.5 cm wide. The surface is gray-green or dark brown, with reticulated grooves and obvious longitudinal grooves between the two ends. The texture is hard, and the marble texture can be seen on the broken section. When slitting, it can be seen that there are small lacunas at the wide end, with small shrunken embryos inside, the cotyledons are rolled into the curve, the air is strong and aromatic, the taste is spicy, and the taste is slightly bitter. It is better to be big, heavy, firm, and have a strong fragrance after breaking open.
nutmeg hot sale
Clearing away heat, detoxifying, removing silt and swelling
Contraindications of nutmeg
The amount of nutmeg should not be too large, too much can cause poisoning, dizziness, dilated pupils and convulsions. Human consumption of 7.5 grams of nutmeg powder can cause dizziness, even delirium, lethargy, and large amounts can cause death.

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