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Dried Onion Slices Product Description

Dehydrated onions flakes are made from high-quality onions produced by green onion planting bases. They are processed by international leading technology. They are pure natural products, non-GMO products, no substances, and no additives. The country of origin is China, and the maximum water content: 6 %
Storage method: keep in a cool dry place
Shelf life: 12 months at normal temperature; 24 months at 20 ℃
onion flakes
Dried onion slices product description:
1. Select materials carefully:Careful selection of raw materials, through multiple strict procedures, the fragrance is delicious!
2. Ingenious craftsmanship:The vegetables picked by hand are washed and dried in multiple processes.
3. Multi-purpose:Made with care, easy to store, and can be used with a variety of ingredients to make food, with a comfortable taste!

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