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Use Of The Dehydarted Garlic Flakes

As a basic daily edible condiment, there are also many garlic derivatives. Using garlic as raw material, through peeling, slicing, cleaning, selection, drying, packaging and other processes, it can be processed into dehydrated garlic flakes, and then crushed and sieved to produce garlic granules and garlic powder and other products.
dehydrated garlic flakes
The dehydrated garlic chips are neat in appearance, slightly yellow in color, pure in taste, and up to the standard of various tests. They can be eaten or used as food raw and auxiliary materials. As long as it is soaked in warm water, it can be restored, fresh in all seasons, easy to store, easy to transport, easy to store, and convenient to eat. It is both a condiment and a food. Dehydrated garlic with high medicinal value has a strong garlic-spicy flavor. If it is soaked in fragrant soy sauce, it can be eaten as a side dish. The nutritional content of dehydrated garlic is almost non-destructive compared to fresh garlic.
The spicy taste of garlic is so strong that even just a pinch of garlic powder can completely change the flavor of a dish~
A great advantage of using garlic powder over fresh garlic is that it can be easily mixed into meat seasoning powder to avoid burning ~ fresh garlic is very easy to burn!
You can also use a pinch of garlic powder to flavor a pasta sauce, make a tzatziki sauce more delicious, or make a taco more delicious.

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