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The Use Value Of Dehydrated Garlic Flakes

Garlic products refer to various foods or medicines made from garlic as the main raw material after processing. Common garlic products include garlic paste, minced garlic, garlic sprouts, garlic cloves, garlic powder, garlic oil, etc.
dehydrated garlic chips
Garlic slices have high nutritional value and medicinal value. Garlic contains a large amount of sulfide, allicin, vitamin C and other ingredients, and has various health effects such as anti-oxidation, antibacterial, anti-virus, lowering blood fat, and lowering blood sugar. Therefore, garlic products are often used in daily diet, and are also widely used in fields such as traditional Chinese medicine and health food.
It should be noted that the pungent taste and smell of garlic products are relatively strong. If eaten in excess, it may irritate the stomach and respiratory tract and cause discomfort. Therefore, an appropriate amount is required when eating garlic products, and adjustments should be made based on individual physical conditions.

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