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Advantage Of The Vegetable Powder

Vegetable powder is a powdered vegetable granule made of vegetable raw materials that are first dried and dehydrated, and then further pulverized;  Vegetable powder is an extension of dehydrated vegetables. Covers vegetable categories such as carrot powder, tomato powder, potato powder, pumpkin powder, red beet powder, spinach powder, celery powder, yam powder, etc. Weaned infants and young children cannot or will not eat vegetables due to insufficient development of teeth, elderly people are inconvenient to eat vegetables because of bad teeth or loss of teeth, some adults have reduced vegetable intake due to work relationships or other reasons, so vegetable powder There is a broad market in this group of people. In addition, vegetable powder is also a pure natural coloring agent (carrot powder, tomato powder, spinach powder, red beet powder, celery powder, pumpkin powder, etc.), which is an excellent raw material for processing vegetable bread, vegetable noodles, specialty foods, etc.
vegetable pwoder
The advantages of processing fresh vegetables into vegetable powder are:
1.Low moisture content, which can prolong the storage period and reduce the cost of storage, transportation and packaging;
2.The utilization rate of raw materials for vegetable powder processing is high, especially the size and shape of raw materials are not strictly required, which broadens the application scope of vegetables
3.Vegetable powder can be applied to almost all fields of food processing, can be used to improve the nutritional content of food, and improve its color and flavor, etc., and can replace the use of artificial pigments in today's society, bringing protection to the health of our consumers.

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