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Introduce Of The Fitaky Dehydrated Vegetables

Fitaky adheres to the strict standards of good materials & craftsmanship, selects high-quality raw materials, and introduces advanced production equipment such as low-temperature vacuum dehydration production lines, fruit and vegetable powder drying lines to maximize the preservation of the original color, aroma, taste and nutritional ingredients of food ingredients. 
dehydrated vegetables
The main raw materials of mixed dehydrated vegetables are dehydrated green stems, carrots, cabbage, green onions, coriander, and some with sesame seeds, goji berries, bean sticks, etc. If you want to add other vegetable categories, we can also customize, for example, if If you want to add corn kernels to dehydrated vegetables, we can also add this type of product to our production.
Our dehydrated vegetables not only have mixed vegetable packs, but also a single category of dehydrated vegetables, such as dehydrated carrots, dehydrated dried mangoes, dehydrated green stems, dehydrated tomatoes, etc.

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