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Roasted Garlic Granules Flakes Wholesale

  • Brand: Fitaky
  • Samples: Free (Samples within 100g are free)
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Certification:HALAL,GMP,HACCP,CE,ISO9001,Etc
  • MOQ:5 Tons
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Garlic is a well-known edible plant that can be used both as a condiment and as a medicine.
roasted garlic flakes
Garlic is an indispensable ingredient in the cooking process. Garlic contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids. Many people like to eat garlic. Garlic granules are also processed in various forms, such as rehydrated garlic granules and fried garlic granules. , Aggregated garlic, roasted garlic and so on. fitaky can provide the best quality roasted garlic granules products, if you have a demand, we will provide you with the best quality products at the lowest price

Product Details

Material Color Flavor Size Moisture Microbial content Storage
100% Garlic (none GMO) Light Yellow

100%taste of garlic






E.Coli: Neg/25G


 In a Cool and Dry Condition

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