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China Natural Ginger Product Wholesale Price

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Prodcut Name  Ginger 
Certifications ISO9001,HACCP,BRC,OU, FDA and HALAL 
Appearance Complete form, with inherent characteristics of the species, plump and substantial
Size  50g,100g,150g,200g,250g,300g,350g up
Packing  5kg/10kg/12kg/20kg carton 
Store temperature 12~15℃
Supply  Period              All year round
Our advantage (a) Our own planting basis;
(b) Our own plant for reprocessing, storage ;
(c) High quality and Competitive price.
dehydrated ginger wholesale
Ginger is a perennial herb that is mostly planted in central, southeast to southwest China, and is also commonly cultivated in tropical Asia. The rhizome is used for medicinal purposes, and fresh or dried products can be used as cooking ingredients or made into pickles and sugar ginger. Aroma oil can be extracted from stems, leaves, and rhizomes, and used in food, beverages and cosmetic fragrances.

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