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Good Quality Black Raisins Wholesale Price

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  • Country Of Origin: China
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Black raisins are the fruit of a grape that dries in the sun or shade. The raisins must have ripe fruits. Raisins contain only 15-25% water and up to 60% fructose. So very sweet. Therefore, raisins can be stored for a long time, and with the passage of time, the fructose in the raisins may crystallize, but this will not affect their consumption. Raisins can be eaten directly as pastries or in pastries, and can also be eaten in some places where raisin seasoning is used for cooking.

black raisin wholesale price
1) Beautiful appearance, pleasant mellow aroma, natural aroma of wine, and thick and chewy flesh without seeds.
2) Black pulp, seedless, thick and chewy. Rich in vitamin C, vitamin P, anthocyanins and other nutrients.
Product Name  Black Raisin
Shelf Life 12 month
Place of Origin China
Quality High-quality
Origin China
Package 25 kg carton box or according to special package.
Color Black

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