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China Black Pepper Granules Product Price

  • Brand: Fitaky
  • Samples: Free (Samples within 100g are free)
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • MOQ:5 Tons
  • Certification:ISO9001,HACCP,BRC,OU,FDA And HALAL,ETC
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Pepper is made from the fruit of the tropical plant pepper tree, it is a good seasoningIt is also a precious medicinal material. There are two types of pepper, white pepper and black pepper. Black pepper powder is processed from immature fruit, and white pepper powder is picked and processed after the fruit is fully ripe. Our black pepper originating in Southeast Asia, are full of particles, freshly ground, uniform in thickness, strong in pepper flavor, rich in spicy flavor, and can be used to remove fishy and greasy. It is suitable for seasoning and flavoring Chinese and Western dishes, removing fishy smell and removing greasy, such as fried steak, lamb chops, etc.
black pepper granules
The difference between ground black pepper  granules and ground black pepper powder 
1. The taste of black pepper granules is weaker. Black pepper has a strong flavor.
2. black pepper granules is mainly used in western food, such as steak and salad. Black pepper powder is mainly used in Chinese food, such as hot pot, stewed meat.
3. The processing technology of crushed black pepper is cutting. The processing technology of black pepper is grinding.
black pepper powder
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