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Fitaky Bulk Dried Ginger Powder Price

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Fitaky now sells high-quality rooted dehydrated ginger powder, export standard, no impurities, low bacteria.Dehydrated ginger powder  is made from fresh ginger. After washing and peeling, slicing, drying and Grinding, the ginger powder fineness can reach more than 80 mesh, without losing the spiciness of fresh ginger.Ginger powder of various fineness can be supplied according to customer requirements, customers are welcome to order, large quantity discount.
ginger powder price
Packaging: outer carton, inner double plastic bag piercing
Net weight: 20 kg/carton, or package can be customized according to customer requirements, is your most processed powder for good raw materials.
Customer who need it are welcome to contact, and the price is negotiable.
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bulk ginger powder price
 Application of the bulk ginger powder :
1. Food: ginger tea granules, ginger syrup, ginger sugar, gingerbread, ginger drink, ginger juice, food preservatives
2. Chemical products: ginger shampoo, shower gel, shampoo conditioner, foot bath, toothpaste, etc.
3. Other uses: foot patch, plaster patch, massage cream, etc.
4. Organic ginger powder is widely used as a supplementary digestive ingredient, usually recommended by a professional herbalist to prevent or treat nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness and pregnancy.
Precautions of the ginger powder  wholesale:
1.The ways of the ginger powder use: Mix with food materials or other ingredients evenly.
2.How to save the ginger powder ?This product should be sealed in a cool and dry place to prevent the fragrance from losing or odor.

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