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100% Natural Kiwi Fruit Powder Factory Price

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Our kiwi fruit powder is made of high-quality kiwi fruit and processed by the most advanced spray drying technology. It retains the taste of kiwi fruit, contains a variety of vitamins and acids; it is powdery, has good fluidity, good taste, easy to dissolve and easy to save.If yonu want to get much kiwi fruit powder , you can leave your message ,we will contact you as soon as possible .
kiwi fruit powder
Features Of the kiwi fruit powder
1. Kiwi fruit powder is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and has high nutritional value.
2. The kiwi fruit powder can promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce flatulence, and has the function of improving sleep.
3. Kiwi fruit powder can prevent senile osteoporosis and inhibit the deposition of cholesterol in the arterial wall, thereby controlling arteriosclerosis.
4. Kiwi fruit powder can prevent the formation of age spots and delay human aging.
kiwi fruit powder factory price
Application of the dried kiwi fruit powder:
Medicines and health products, health nutrition, solid beverages, dairy products, convenience foods, puffed foods, condiments, middle-aged and elderly foods, baked foods, snack foods, cold foods and cold drinks, etc.

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