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Instant Spice Mixed Seasoning Powder

  • Brand: Fitaky
  • Samples: Free (Samples within 100g are free)
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Certification:ISO9001,HACCP,BRC,OU,FDA And HALAL,ETC
  • MOQ:5 Tons
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The main raw and auxiliary materials of Instant Spice Mixed Seasoning Powder include meat, aquatic products, vegetables, fillers, seasonings (flavors), fats, etc. The meat and aquatic products used in the production of seasonings must be fresh, and all indicators should meet the national hygiene standards; vegetables should be fresh and free from rot and deterioration. Seasonings mainly include sweeteners, umami, savory, spices, etc.
mix spices powder
Raw material processing- -ingredient mixing-screening-weighing-packing- -inspection-finished product
use of the Mixed Seasoning Powder:
Mixed seasoning packs can be used for instant noodles.
It can also be used as vegetable soup and soup
Features of the Mixed Seasoning Powder: products can be customized according to customer needs
Mixed Seasoning Powder


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