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Fitaky Moringa Powder Wholesale Price

  • Brand: Fitaky
  • Samples: Free (Samples within 100g are free)
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Application:Food, Healthcare Products
  • certification:ISO/USDA Organic/EU Organic
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Moringa is a natural plant. It also grows in the tropics. Leaves, bark, flowers, fruits, seeds and roots are used in medicine, food....Oil Moringa seeds are used in food, spices, hair care products, machine lubricants.
moringa powder
The feature of Moringa Powder
1. Antioxidant and Antiaging
2. Accelerate liver detoxification
3. Enhance immunity
4. Increase skin elasticity, effectively improve acne skin
5. Lowering the three highs has a good effect on hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes
6. Improve gastrointestinal function, improve constipation, detoxify and beautify the skin
7. Improve mental decline and improve sleep quality
moringa spices
Why Choose Fitaky Moringa Powder
- 100% all natural without additives - 100% safe, made in Canada
- 100% raw material from India
- Ultrafine powder, easy to absorb
- 26 kinds of antioxidants, ORAC antioxidant index over 157,000
- 36 anti-inflammatory factors
- Contains Omega 3, 6, 9
- 20 amino acids

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