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100% Pure Organic Spinach Powder Price

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  • Country Of Origin: China
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100% pure organic spinach powder
Is made of the fresh Spinach.Spinach is a good source of vitamin K, which helps to form the blood substance needed for blood clotting.Spinach and alfalfa help stabilize blood sugar in diabetic patients.
spinach powder price
Features of the 100% pure organic spinach powder:
1. 100% pure organic spinach powder contains a lot of plant fiber.It can promote intestinal peristalsis and is good for bowel movement;it can also promote pancreatic excretion to help digestion.
2.  Carotene can become vitamin A in the body and keep the eyes and epithelium healthy.
3.  100% pure organic spinach powder contains many nutrients, such as carotene,vitamin C and E calcium,phosphorus,coenzyme Q10,etc.The iron contained in spinach can help treat iron-free anemia.
4. Promote metabolism, clean skin and anti-aging.
5. 100% pure organic spinach powder has the functions of supplementing blood and stopping bleeding.

Product Name  Product Standards Packing  MOQ Storage conditions
Shelf life
delivery time
Spinach Powder  80 mesh 20kg/carton 5TONS normal temperature storage 24months 15-25days

Application of the100% pure organic spinach powder
1. 100% pure organic spinach powder can be used in medicines and health products;
2. Organic spinach powderr can be used in the food field,mainly as a natural food additive .
3. Dried spinach powder can be used as a daily chemical raw material for green toothpaste And cosmetics;
4. Spinach powder can be used as anti-inflammatory,antibacterial and anti-oxidant drugs,widely used in the fields of medicine and health products.

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